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Focus on good health and creative activities in April, when whatever you initiate can have long-lasting results. There may be heightened formality required when you interact in group activities, or you might find the situation requires you to follow old-fashioned rules of etiquette.

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You are sensitive to emotional undercurrents and may be able to fairly resolve a delicate problem. It is always ultimately productive to work through difficult issues. LEO July Aug. If you see something advertised in online or in the mail, the store could be out of stock when you get there, or the item may not look as attractive up close. Today you are more geared toward developing imaginative thoughts. Leave acquiring new clothing or artwork for another time. Other people may be acting out rashly, and may say things completely different from the way you see things.

Do not change your point of view just to make it easier on others. If people are in your way, swerve around them. Our top advisors are waiting to guide you along your path to success. A few minor dissatisfactions are in store for you today. Much as you dislike it, today might be best spent away from friends and colleagues. You crave approval, love and respect, and none will be forthcoming on this day. It would be worthwhile to consider ways you can bestow approval upon yourself, rather than relying on getting it from others Sometimes you get so caught up in the social energies at play that you find it hard to concentrate.

Today, you could find yourself involved with lots of monotonous tasks.

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You won't much be in the mood, and this feeling of distraction will make it easy for you to make mistakes. So pay attention as best you can and double-check your work as you go along. Be sure to reward yourself when you are finished. There are new things coming into your life at this time. Make sure you embrace instead of resist them. With everything balanced and well-ordered, you are sitting on top of the world.

These moments of clarity give you the sense that you have it made. At the moment, that's how it looks, but don't fall asleep or rest on your laurels because "as soon as everything reaches perfection, it starts to rot.

With that thought, the next question might be "Where can we take this? The signs keep telling you to drop this. If it's time for letting go, you're going to have a tough time breaking the news to people. It's hard to say how the situation looks from your perspective. So many of you are living in denial, doing whatever it takes to make sure you keep nursing the status quo.

There's nothing wrong with believing that you can keep on keeping on. When you reach the point where you realize you're getting nowhere, you have to sit down and ask yourself why you're so afraid to give it up and why you're so stuck on the idea that your life depends on it. Lots of things are converging.

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You will be in the middle of it for a while. Others are bound to have something to say about what you ought to be doing. As much as they mean well, their advice may not apply to you. Keep it on file and let time give you a chance to weigh it against your own opinion.

Be prepared for more than one blast from the past to show up. Some will be more than you bargained for. If they put you on the spot, or want more from you than you're able to give, be patient.

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In between the takers, you are bound to find one or two who are there for you. Your world is in a tailspin. While you're good at handling absolutely everything, stuff that's over the top, or too out of bounds, is not the easiest place for you to be. After years of too much needing to prove yourself, you're at a turnstile. On top of all of that, the writing on the wall is illegible. You're going to have to amp up the willingness to go commando, or just get out of the box and go further out on a limb than you've ever gone before.

Cancer Monthly Astrology Horoscope November 2019

Stay centered enough to review the reality of your situation and find ways to creatively change what looks like it needs a facelift. You've got a line on something that will work out better if you can ease up on the idea that you know everything! Not that there's anything wrong with your approach, but you're too heavy-handed when it comes to wanting this more than anything and doing whatever you can to make sure it falls into place. Others have their own ideas. At a time when the aspects call you to walk softly, the big stick won't work.

Knowing enough to leave well enough alone, and being smart enough to see that others have a right to the way they see it, will make things so much easier. The world is your oyster.

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If this is hard to believe, it's because no one told you that it's safe to be — and do, and have — anything you want. Your past doesn't need to reflect on your future.