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But the biggest news of is the return of wildcard Uranus to your stars in March. Back last year, this lighting-fast planet visited your stars from May to October, and then backed out for a brief respite. After the return of Uranus to your corner of the zodiac, change is imminent at every level of your life.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

You have to welcome it, Ms. Bull — resistance and slowness will be futile. Embrace your inner revolutionary and make sure to get your body moving regularly. Even though you were already exposed to this for almost six months last year, you may react to this volatile energy by hunkering down and becoming even more stubborn. Instead, why not try a more inventive, open-minded approach?

This is the most delicious part of your life this year, Taurus.

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The last time you had this bold planet in this part of your horoscope was twelve years ago. The eclipse cycle of — significantly shifted your professional goals — or perhaps your actual career status. Now your lens is widening a bit and a global perspective may inform your idea of what work should really mean.

Uranus will begin to electrify your soul starting in March, so you may not be up for the mundane or boring day job anymore — the next few years are all about embracing the most thrilling, meaningful, world-shaking ideas. As was the case from the spring to the fall of , you may be a bit over-stimulated after Uranus returns to your stars in March. You may not want to go too hard with an intense Soul Cycle classes, but yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation classes are just your speed.

It might not always be that easy to know who to trust, but at least your mates will keep things super glam. Taurus monthly horoscope.

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Spoiler alert: the bounty looks delicious! For many it'll be a time when you find that, together, the two of you are quite financially fertile.

You and your partner might see a serious influx of cash flow together, or decide to make a joint investment such as a home purchase. Whatever you do with your finances, it should make the both of you smile.

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You'll also enjoy a boost in satisfaction when it comes to your intimate life together. You'll feel that the bond you have is like a dream come true in many ways; and guess what But, Taurus, you manifested this, so please, don't sabotage it by thinking it's too good to be true. It's as good as you allow it to be. Trust what you're feeling and give yourself permission to be vulnerable. With Uranus in your sign from March 6 on through April of , you can look forward to some of the most exciting years of your life.