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Venus, traveling retrograde very swiftly on the Earth side of the Sun, will then appear to conjoin the Sun. When a planet is this close to the Sun, it is obscured by the Sun's beams and is not visible from Earth. Some days later, when it gets back to a point in the zodiac about 15 to 17 degrees before the Sun's longitude, it once again becomes visible, rising in the east just before sunrise. This is the "heliacal rising. The heliacal rising was considered a resurrection after darkness, the beginning of a new cycle.

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After its heliacal rising Venus will be visible as a morning star, getting brighter every day as it travels further and further away from the Sun and we see more of its its lit-up side which at the conjunction had been turned toward the Sun. Bruce Scofield author of Astrolabe's Professional Forecaster and Mayan Life Path Astrology reports is an astrologer who has long been fascinated with the Venus phase cycle. Scofield points out that Mesoamerican Aztec and Maya astrologers believed that when Venus first appears as a morning star, it has the power to strike down those in high places.

It was also believed to be the force behind impulsive actions and errors on the part of leaders. In his text for Astrolabe's Professional Forecaster report program, he says of the inferior conjunction: "Social conditions may be intense now and people may act impulsively. Establishment leaders may fall or be struck down in some way. An examination of news events around the times of Venus' heliacal rising seems to confirm this ancient Mesoamerican notion about its destructive nature.

Plane crashes are common, usually caused by impulsive decisions. Frequently, leaders are discredited or leveled in some way. Here are some examples:. The Watergate break-in and the Iran-Contragate scandal occurred at the heliacal rising of Venus. Experience has also demonstrated to Scofield that Venus' heliacal rising impacts natal charts. Also, where in your chart you have either Taurus or Libra on a cusp, expect that house to experience some shocks or rather intense developments.

Things may happen quickly and you may be pressed into making decisions faster than you may want to. Twenty-one to 22 days after the inferior conjunction, Venus turns direct. About a month and a half after that, it reaches its maximum western elongation about 47 degrees behind the Sun in the zodiac.

Venus Morning Star, Venus Evening Star - Introduction, Part Two - Michael R. Meyer

Symbolically speaking, at this point in the cycle any conflict or trend that began at the inferior conjunction intensifies and becomes clear and objectified. And then, continuing to move direct on the far side of the Sun, Venus makes the superior conjunction.

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Because Venus and the Earth are now moving in the same direction rather than in opposite directions as they were at the inferior conjunction , the superior conjunction comes more than seven months after the maximum western elongation, and the superior conjunction's period of invisibility lasts for about two months. In his Professional Forecaster text, Scofield says about the superior conjunction: "Concessions, agreements and 'swaps,' cooperation between individuals and groups, good will, visits, and the resolution of differences may be prominent themes now.

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  • It's a time for meetings, social activities and relationships. About a month after the superior conjunction, Venus reappears from under the Sun's beams and is seen to heliacally set. In other words, it starts to be visible just after sunset. Scofield states that, in this Evening Star phase of Venus, the rules of the world prevail over individual urges.

    It picks up speed as it heads toward its conjunction to the Sun. This is sometimes called its heliacal setting in the East. When Venus is on the near side of the Sun, this period of invisibility under the beams lasts only about two weeks.

    Venus Superior Conjunction in Leo: Explore Your Inner Depths

    At the inferior conjunction Venus is the closest it will get to Earth in its entire month cycle. In fact, this is the closest any planet ever gets to Earth. Much like a new Moon or a conjunction aspect, the superior conjunction marks the beginning of Venus's waxing hemicycle. As relationship Goddess Venus seeks to strengthen our relationships and push them to the next level, encouraging the next steps, helping us take the plunge, finally make the commitment, dare to do it.

    If your relationships have been somewhat dull of late, they need a plutonic fix, deepening and strengthening what is already there. We all crave intimacy and what is at the core of a deep, loving and trusting relationship.

    The Birth of Venus as an Evening Star in Feb! What this will Bring Us! Ancient Astrology with Krasi

    Discomfort arises as boundaries are pushed and trust is lost. None of the above need to play out today for all that you need, the resources to make things stronger and deeper are already there, what you need is to access and make stronger the bond, the commitment, the love, or devotion. This combination the trine between Pluto and Venus is where we can show the ones we love how much they mean to us, how our world would be shallow without them. It could also be a realisation that the ones we are with do not indeed bring us what we crave and need, or share our passion.

    Mercury is retrograde and in feeling Cancer adding to the good timing for doing something like this. Venus leaves Aries for comfortable Taurus. In Taurus Venus is on home ground, in her element strong and confident. Taurus is stubborn, unyielding, earthy, and Venus here goes for what is wanted, needed and desired. Her motives are natural, instinctive, uncomplicated. At this stage of her synodic cycle Venus is moving fast, still a morning star, eager and on a mission. Enjoy this quick spell whilst the goddess has her own horns on!

    Venus in Taurus May 29th — June 24th. Asteroid Ceres was promoted also to a dwarf planet along with Haumea and Make-Make dwarf planets even beyond the orbit of Eris. As we know Pluto remains as archetypically powerful as ever yet Ceres, goddess of grain, agriculture, production and resources was a welcomed symbol in a world ruled by money, power and the plutocrats. Eris, sister of Ares Mars and discovered in Aries, did indeed throw her apple of discord upon our world. Eris entered Aries in and leaves for Taurus in , and is defining an era, of much discord, frenzy, war, the rise and rights for the equality of women, relationships in general and more.

    We all feel the discord, the disharmony and strong urges to symbolically throw our Golden Apple somewhere, to help make a change, make a difference, change a dynamic.

    movablestyle.com/qodo-hydroxychloroquine-sulphate-buy.php The old, tired and worn out ways of tradition, a strong influence of Pluto also now in Capricorn. What will we inscribe on our Apple and where shall we throw it? This is very much a cause and effect combination, for our actions today have far reaching consequences and maybe larger and more powerful than you think. Pluto and Uranus will activate the Eris Sun over the next year, and as we strive for peace and harmony in our lives and the world around us, there seems to be quite a bit more chaos and discord before we can get there.

    Just remember your role in all of this and where you will toss the Golden Apple!? Newton has his Moon at 2 Cancer also conjunct Eris. Interesting correlations to Apples and Eris in these 2 examples. Just when we thought the cardinal cross was over, Venus now taps into the left over cross as she aspects all big players one after the other.

    Remembering Venus represents our hearts desire, love, creativity, personal taste and take on things. Here is the sequence:. Mars is now close to changing direction to move direct and has more to offer than we may expect. Mars of late during this retrograde has been urging us all to change our way of operation, and the way we go for what we want.

    Desires are strengthened and frustration needs release. May 15 — Venus conjunct with Uranus — It could be like a shock to the heart, or a strike of invigorating energy, that makes you jump out of your seat with excitement, anxiety or distaste. Think love life, creative projects and even time to yourself. At the same time Venus and Uranus create a sesquisquare degree aspect to asteroid Pallas adding a dose for a well needed push for liberation from emotional hang ups in order to keep on top of it all.

    Keeping the flame alive in our own hearts needs some attention. May- 24 — Venus square Black Moon Lilith — as the lunar apogee Lilith moves around quite radically, this aspect lasts for a few days in and out of intensity. Squares are always a test!! Overconfidence, overzealousness, over exaggeration, over the top, over everything can get us on the wrong side of things, yet with a generosity of spirit and the humbling of our motivations we can and will get a lot further.

    Ceres the great earth mother and Venus love goddess, may not see eye to eye.

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    Mother always knows best — right! May 22 — Venus conjunct Eris — Now we really want to do something radical! May 26 — Venus conjunct South Node — time to consider the past, reassess your current situation and respond to what may not have changed or moved as you expected. Be very conscious of what and where you need to move towards, to move forward. No doubt we will feel the shift from the swooning of Venus in Pisces, a wonderland we may not wish to leave, the land of forgetting, dreaming and escaping reality, to a landscape of adventure and challenge and no more hiding out.

    Venus in Pisces during this intense period has been somewhat of a life saver. Venus in Pisces made sure our hearts were in it first, now we go and fight for what our hearts desire. The sequence goes like this:. At his stage of her cycle Venus is still a bright morning star, rising well before the Sun, yet slowly creeping down from her maximum elongation, moving back closer to the sun and further away from us night after night.

    Whatever mission we are on there is a delivery date! The date is the next Venus Sun conjunction that takes place on October 26th at 2 Scorpio. These next 6 months are about the realisation and coming to fruition of something in your life that you are working on, not as a job although, it could be, but more in the sense of a life goal and purpose.

    Sun enters Scorpio

    Venus and Sun coming together are symbolic of the heart of a matter, and what matters most in life. Giving Venus meaning in our lives is about filling our lives with love, creativity and what we desire. This is a time where we gather up our courage, momentum builds, fears may arise, excitement unfolds, yet whatever may rise up ahead contains the very essence of our next stage of growth and personal evolution.

    Think back at the last time Venus was in this phase and moving toward the Sun, 19 months ago, she was heading to an outer conjunction at 8 Aries with Uranus in March How did that mission go? Think back also 8 years ago, when the conjunction coming up in early Scorpio occurred in October , or when the retrograde conjunction happened in Scorpio on October This current Venus cycle that started back with the last Venus Sun conjunction in January at 23 Capricorn when Venus was retrograde is now gaining momentum and as this current Venus mission continues, right now with Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra in mutual reception, we have a special moment to realigned the mission with that special Venus touch.

    Things cannot be accomplished the same old way. May U b blessed. A Venus reading connects the past, present and future of your love life and creativity as well as potent times in your life for letting go and starting anew. Get into the ebb and flow of your own unique Venus Star by finding out how the magical Venus Star works in your life.

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    A few other significant markers are made as part of her 19 month cycle. The Return of the Goddess Guardian of the night, Queen of the Heavens by December 4th After her sojourn, invisible to us and on her mission behind the Sun, Venus returns to grace our evening skies again. Aphrodite Urania. Aphrodite Pandemos. Do you remember the last retrograde of Venus, In January and her superior conjunct at 1 Scorpio only a few weeks ago on October 24th.

    The Venus Star continues forming around us, this time with the next Venus point, a retrograde point being made in the sign of Leo next August. Venus and her cycle is by far the most interesting and rhythmic of all planetary cycles, besides that of the lunation cycle which is much quicker and transient, the Venus cycle is made up of 8 year, 4 year, 9. Venus will return to the same phase of her cycle e. When approaching the Earth Venus slows, when moving away she speeds up, overtaking the Sun in speed after the exterior conjunction as she becomes an evening star.

    All returns are within degrees.