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On August 2, , Karen Turner was sentenced to nine months in prison for wire fraud and money laundering in connection with two fraudulent pharmacies that Turner used to divert prescription drugs into the gray market. Contrary to these agreements, Turner sold the drugs to drug wholesalers at higher prices. Turner also admitted that after her first fraudulent pharmacy was closed for drug diversion, she started an identical drug diversion scheme in a neighboring state. Delta Pharma, Inc. On June 8, , the district court entered a consent decree of permanent injunction against Delta Pharma, Inc.

Tommy T. Simpson, and its Vice President and Pharmacist in Charge, Charles Michael Harrison, permanently enjoining the defendants from manufacturing and distributing compounded drugs that are adulterated under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. According to the complaints, both sets of defendants manufacture their products without FDA approval and without proof of safety and efficacy.

According to the complaints, the defendants and their affiliates have used their products on thousands of patients without obtaining necessary FDA approvals. On March 27, , the district court permanently enjoined dietary supplement distributor MyNicNaxs LLC, and two principals of the company, Chevonne Torres and Michael Banner, from selling and distributing unapproved and misbranded new drugs. In a complaint filed on March 14, the United States alleged that the Florida company sold sexual enhancement and weight loss products in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

The complaint alleged that the defendants marketed such products as drugs to treat serious conditions without FDA approval and without proof of safety and efficacy. The consent decree entered by the court requires the defendants to implement specific remedial measures to comply with the law and obtain written approval from the FDA before distributing such drugs in the future. Cantrell Drug Co. On Feb.

McCarley, Jr. The complaint alleges that Cantrell, a compounding pharmacy, distributed adulterated drugs in interstate commerce and caused drugs to become adulterated while held for sale after shipment of a component in interstate commerce. Cantrell initiated voluntary recalls of drug products in and due to a lack of sterility assurance. According to the complaint, FDA inspections of the Cantrell facility documented evidence of insanitary conditions and significant deviations from current good manufacturing practice requirements, including records showing the company detected potentially dangerous bacteria in the air and on surfaces used for sterile processing.

Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Docket Number: CR D. On Jan. However, according to a criminal Information filed Sept. The plea was part of an global resolution that included a separate consent decree of permanent injunction to resolve civil liability under the FDCA. The complaint, filed with the consent decree on Dec.

In addition to imposing a civil penalty, the order permanently enjoins Dr. The injunction further requires Dr. Scott Harkonen Docket Number: 9th Cir. On Dec. Harkonen argued that his conviction should be overturned because his trial team failed to call any expert witnesses for the defense. Onochie Aghaegbuna; United States v. On October 6, , Jonathan Wall was sentenced to probation and Onochie Aghaegbuna was sentenced to time served related to their roles in RX Limited, a fraudulent Internet pharmacy scheme. Aghaegbuna previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy and a substantive violation of the FDCA, as well as one count of conspiracy to commit international money laundering.

In pleading guilty, Aghaegbuna admitted that from through , he authorized at least , invalid prescription orders and, along with co-conspirators, caused prescription drugs to be distributed to customers in violation of the FDCA. In the course of authorizing drug orders for RX Limited, the defendant had no face-to-face contact with customers, performed no mental or physical examinations, did not take patient histories or perform any diagnostic or laboratory testing, did not check the accuracy of the information customers provided, and did not monitor, or provide any means to monitor, medication response.

Richardson, Rachael S. Cruz and Jeffery D. Isomeric manufactures, labels, and distributes sterile drugs, including injectable hormones, injectable corticosteroids, and ophthalmic drops. As part of the consent decree, defendants agreed not to resume manufacturing, holding or distributing drugs until they comply with specific remedial measures set forth in the order entered by the Court.

Among other requirements, the defendants must establish and implement procedures to ensure a thorough investigation of any unexplained discrepancy or failure in a drug batch, regardless of whether the batch has been distributed. On July 5, , the district court entered a consent decree of permanent injunction against Medistat RX, LLC, a compounding pharmacy, and three individual defendants: Mark D.

Fickling, who served as its Production Manager, and V. In a complaint filed in May, the United States alleged that inspections at Medistat revealed numerous insanitary conditions, including significant microbial contamination in aseptic processing areas and the failure to use sterile wipes to clean critical surfaces in the pharmacy. The complaint alleged that the defendants failed to adequately investigate or take sufficient corrective action to correct the insanitary conditions.

In , drugs manufactured by the pharmacy were potentially linked to a outbreak of Staphylococcus aureus infections in Rhode Island. As part of the consent decree, the defendants represented that Medistat has ceased operations. The defendants would be required comply with remedial measures to resume any manufacturing, holding, or distribution of drugs.

On June 26, , Barry Cadden, the owner and head pharmacist of New England Compounding Center NECC , was sentenced to nine years months of imprisonment, three years of supervised release, and forfeiture and restitution in amounts to be determined later. NECC was the source of contaminated drugs that spawned the nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak, the largest public health crisis ever caused by a pharmaceutical product. More than patients in 20 states were diagnosed with a fungal infection after receiving injections of methylprednisolone acetate MPA compounded at NECC. The U. Cadden was convicted of 57 counts following trial, including racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, mail fraud, and violations of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Evidence at trial showed Cadden directed and authorized the shipping of contaminated MPA that caused the outbreak. Cadden also authorized the shipping of other drugs before test results confirming their sterility were returned, never notified customers of nonsterile results, compounded drugs with expired ingredients, and employed an unlicensed pharmacy technician. Stratus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. On June 14, , the district court entered a consent decree of permanent injunction against Stratus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Sonar, a New Jersey corporation, manufactures drugs for Stratus. Stratus, a Florida corporation, distributes prescription and non-prescription drugs and owns 80 percent of Sonar. The injunction permanently enjoins the defendants from distributing unapproved, misbranded, and adulterated drugs in violation of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. In a complaint filed in April, the United States alleged that inspections at Sonar and Stratus revealed violations of current good manufacturing practices that demonstrated a lack of quality oversight of the manufacturing, processing, and testing of drugs such that, if they continued, posed a threat to the public health.

Akinyoyenu pleaded guilty on February 27 to a misdemeanor conspiracy count. From to , Akinyoyenu owned and operated an internet pharmacy called Apex Online Pharmacy. Apex shipped prescription drugs, including addictive pain medications such as Fioricet, Soma, and Tramadol, to customers from across the United States who submitted orders and filled out online medical questionnaires.

In pleading guilty, Akinyoyenu admitted that he paid a doctor to review thousands of prescription drug orders for a small fee per order. Akinyoyenu admitted that after the doctor approved the website orders from his home in Florida, Akinyoyenu would ship the pharmaceuticals from his brick-and-mortar pharmacy in Washington, D. Akinyoyenu admitted that the drugs lacked valid prescriptions, and therefore were misbranded, when shipped. Ronald D. Weir, Jr. On February 27, , Ronald D. Weir admitted that claims the device could safely and effectively treat virtually any disease were false and intended to mislead consumers.

Weir continued to distribute QLasers even after being enjoined by a federal court in January Lytle and another QLaser distributor, Irina Kossovskaia, were indicted earlier this year on related charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy, and contempt. Weir is set to be sentenced on May 12, Trial for the remaining defendants is scheduled to begin June 13, At a plant in North Carolina, Baxter manufactured large-volume sterile intravenous IV solutions in a clean room that had high-efficiency particulate absorption HEPA filters installed in the ceiling. Air was pushed into the clean room through the HEPA filters.

Although Baxter distributed the adulterated products it made in that clean room, there was no evidence of impact on the IV solutions from the mold found on the filters. Biocompatibles, Inc. On November 7, , Pennsylvania-based medical device manufacturer Biocompatibles, Inc. The civil resolution has been entered in the Western District of Texas, where a whistleblower qui tam complaint had been filed. The Food and Drug Administration cleared LC Bead to be used for embolization, a process in which the flow of blood to liver tumors is stopped or reduced.

Through a separate company that it contracted with to market and distribute LC Bead in the United States, Biocompatibles marketed LC Bead to deliver chemotherapy drugs — a use that was never cleared or approved by the FDA. Many of the drugs sold by the defendants were generic drugs that were unapproved for sale in the United States; others were Schedule III steroids or drugs used by steroid users, such as clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol is only approved for sale in the United States as an equine bronchodilator, yet is sold on the black market for use by bodybuilders. Ul Haq and Saeed were arrested in England in October , and held without bond until they were extradited to the United States in the spring of In January , Ul Haq entered guilty pleas to all 48 counts of the indictment, which charged him with conspiracy to import and distribute Schedule II, III, and IV controlled substances, conspiracy to defraud the United States and its agencies and introduce into interstate commerce misbranded drugs, conspiracy to commit international money laundering, and numerous substantive offenses of the Controlled Substances Act and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

In January , Tahir Saeed also entered guilty pleas to several counts of the indictment, and was sentenced in October to time served. At the time of their sentencings, both defendants had been incarcerated for approximately 4 years, including time spent in an English jail. The evidence at trial demonstrated that Facteau and Fabian sought to quickly develop and market products, including the Stratus, to create a projected revenue stream that would make Acclarent an attractive business for either an initial public offering or acquisition.

Following a 6-week jury trial, each defendant was convicted of 10 counts of introducing adulterated and misbranded medical devices into interstate commerce. The jury acquitted defendants on 14 felony counts of fraud and one conspiracy count. The 10 counts of conviction were misdemeanor counts related to the same conduct. Guy Lyman; United States v. James Hill; United States v. Clifford Woods; United States v. Criminal and civil actions were filed against three individuals for marketing and selling dietary supplements as potential disease cures, part of an ongoing efforts to curtail the production and distribution of unlawful dietary supplements.

On July 12, , the government filed criminal informations against two individuals, charging each with one misdemeanor count of introducing an unapproved new drug into interstate commerce in violation of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act FDCA. The products had not been approved by Food and Drug AdminIstration. They are expected to enter guilty pleas to the informations, which were filed in the U. A third individual, Clifford Woods, pled guilty on May 9, , in the U.

District Court for the Central District of California to a misdemeanor FDCA violation for distribution of unapproved new drugs that he marketed and sold as treatments for cancer and other diseases. The government also filed civil complaints against these three individuals, all of whom agreed to the entry of consent decrees of permanent injunction. The decrees against Hill and Woods were entered on February 26, , and June 27, , respectively. The decree against Lyman was filed on July 12, , and is subject to court approval.

Braun Medical Inc. Braun Press Release. On May 18, , drug and medical device company B. Braun pre-filled saline flush syringes in In March , B. Braun saline syringes through a new radiation sterilization process. Before B. Two months after B. Braun recalled all of the syringes because the radiation sterilization process caused dangerous white particles to develop in the saline inside the syringes. However, B. Braun resumed buying syringes from AM2PAT without going to the new facility, and despite receiving new information showing that AM2PAT moved manufacturing equipment into its new facility without validating that the equipment worked as expected.

Less than a month after B. Braun saline syringes contaminated with Serratia marcescens bacteria. After these infections, all of B. The resolution with B. Braun included a non-prosecution agreement in which B. Braun admitted that it distributed B. Braun syringes that were adulterated under the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. Under the terms of the agreement, B. Braun will increase oversight of its product suppliers by conducting on-site audits of companies that design and make finished products that bear the B.

Braun name on the label or logo and testing such products for sterility, identity and purity, as appropriate, on a periodic basis. Acino manufactures hydrocortisone acetate 25 mg suppositories, which it labels and sells as prescription drugs. Because Acino has never submitted an application for FDA approval of the drugs, they have never been found to be safe and effective.

New Products

Further, because they are prescription drugs, their labels by definition cannot bear adequate directions for use by a layperson. In conjunction with the filing of the complaint, the defendants agreed to settle the litigation and be bound by a consent decree of permanent injunction that prohibits them from committing violations of the FDCA.

Once entered by the court, the consent decree will require Acino to cease all manufacture and distribution of the unapproved and misbranded suppositories, and to destroy any such suppositories already in existence. Pharmaceutical Innovations Inc. Pharmaceutical Innovations, Inc. On October 2, , the United States filed a complaint for a permanent injunction against Pharmaceutical Innovations Inc.

The company makes gels that hospitals and other caregivers use to take ultrasound scans. The complaint alleges that the defendants are in violation of current good manufacturing practice and quality-system requirements, and are marketing medical devices without either clearance or approval.

In February , a Michigan hospital traced infections among 16 surgical patients to a specific gel made by Pharmaceutical Innovations. FDA testing on samples of the gel tested positive for bacterial contamination. The relevant lots of that particular gel were seized in a seizure lawsuit the United States filed in ; the company is actively contesting that lawsuit.

In a third lawsuit, the company sued the FDA in early for denying it an export certificate attesting that it is in full compliance with the FDCA. On June 21, , David Allen and William Rogers were sentenced to 12 months and 10 months in prison, respectively, in connection with the distribution of adulterated drugs.

TPN is liquid nutrition administered intravenously to patients who cannot or should not receive their nutrition through eating. The information alleged that beginning in or around February , Meds IV compounded its own amino acid solution, which it then mixed with other ingredients to form TPN. As charged in the information, amino acid used in compounding the TPN was adulterated in that it was contaminated with Serratia marcescens S.

These infections can cause serious medical complications, including death, because S. According to the charging document, the amino acid was prepared by Meds IV outside a laminar airflow workbench and was kept unrefrigerated, in a room that was not sterile, in a large pot sitting on the floor, sometimes overnight, before it was sterilized and used. As alleged in the information, between March 5 and 15, , nine patients at various Birmingham-area hospitals who developed bloodstream infections caused by S.

As alleged in the information, while a number of the patients who died had underlying conditions which may have contributed to their deaths, medical records of some patients suggest that the S. On February 19, , Joseph Dallal was sentenced to serve 33 months in prison in connection with two separate prescription drug diversion schemes. Dallal was previously charged in the District of Puerto Rico and the Southern District of Ohio for selling illegally-sourced prescription drugs in connection with two distinct drug diversion schemes.

Dallal procured the drugs from multiple illegal and unlicensed sources and sold them to co-conspirators without the required pedigree document stating where Dallal had purchased the drugs. The cases were consolidated for plea and sentencing in Puerto Rico. On December 5, , Dallal pled guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

On February 3, , Catherine Nix was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, and on October 6, , Wada Hollis and Thomas Giddens were also sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for their roles in in a prescription drug smuggling ring. All three defendants previously pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to smuggle imitation, unapproved, and misbranded prescription drugs from China. The defendants conspired to smuggle at least 43 known shipments, totaling approximately , pills, from China to Texas. Customs and Border Protection authorities.

Additionally, the defendants instructed others to destroy evidence once they became aware that they were under investigation. Downing Labs, LLC et al. Downing and its immediate predecessor, NuVision Pharmacy, Inc. These lots of drugs were not distributed into interstate commerce. Under the proposed consent decree, Downing will be enjoined from manufacturing drugs in violation of the FDCA and will be required to cease operations until FDA determines that the company has brought its conduct into compliance with the law. Topway Enterprises, Inc.

On August 29, , the district court entered a consent decree of permanent injunction against Topway Enterprises, Inc. The order permanently enjoins the defendants from processing and distributing food that is adulterated under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. USP Labs.

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On March 13, , the two remaining defendants in the USP Labs case pleaded guilty in Dallas to felony charges in connection with a scheme to fraudulently sell workout supplements. Sitesh Patel, the vice president of S. Laboratories, a California dietary supplement manufacturer, pleaded guilty on February 25 to conspiracy to introduce misbranded food into interstate commerce and to the introduction of misbranded food into interstate commerce. In addition, S. Laboratories pleaded guilty on February 25 to introduction of misbranded food into interstate commerce, and USPlabs pleaded guilty to conspiracy to introduce misbranded food into interstate commerce on March 5.

The indictment alleged that the defendants misrepresented the nature and origin of the active ingredients in their products. OxyElite Pro was recalled in after being linked by the Food and Drug Administration to a deadly outbreak of serious liver injuries. Sentencing hearings for all of the defendants will be held in Dallas before U.

District Judge Sam A. Sentencing for Geissler, Doyle, Patel, and S. Laboratories is set for Aug. Sentencing for Willson and Hebert is set for Aug. If you believe you are a victim in this matter and would like to speak with someone regarding the case, please call Special Agent Chad Medaris, FDA Office of Criminal Investigations, at Zhang was the sales manager for a Chinese firm that sold raw ingredients for use in dietary supplements.

According to an indictment returned in October , Zhang and two co-defendants agreed with a confidential government informant to either mislabel synthetic stimulants such as 1,4-DMAA or otherwise help to hide the true nature of a proposed dietary supplement from retailers.

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In pleading guilty earlier this year, Zhang admitted that he knew major American dietary supplement retailers would refuse to carry supplements known to contain certain stimulants, such as DMAA. Foo Yuan Food Products, Inc. Foo Yuan, which is based in Long Island City, New York, prepares, packs, holds and distributes refrigerated and frozen ready-to-eat fish balls, fried fish cakes and fried fish balls.

The complaint alleges that defendants failed to adequately control the risk of Clostridium botulinum and Listeria monocytogenes L. Xu, a Chinese national, was the principal at a Chinese company that regularly supplied ingredients to American dietary supplement makers. According to an indictment returned last October, Xu agreed with a confidential government informant to mislabel synthetic stimulants arriving in the United States or otherwise help to hide from retailers the true nature of a proposed new dietary supplement.

In pleading guilty, Xu admitted that he agreed to falsely label for shipment a synthetic stimulant ingredient, namely DMHA. Xu was arrested at a Las Vegas dietary supplement trade show in September; two other defendants previously pleaded guilty in a related case. Global Marketing Enterprises, Inc. According to the complaint filed in the case, the defendants manufactured and distributed adulterated dietary supplements not prepared in compliance with current good manufacturing practices. The defendants agreed to be bound by a consent decree under which they must take remedial steps and secure FDA approval before resuming the manufacture or distribution of dietary supplements.

On July 17, , Gao Mei Fang aka Amy Gao , a Chinese citizen, was sentenced to 12 months and a day of imprisonment on mail fraud and smuggling charges in connection with a scheme to sell mislabeled dietary supplements containing hidden synthetic stimulants. Gao was the supply chain manager for a Chinese firm that sold raw ingredients for use in dietary supplements. According to an indictment returned in October , Gao and two co-defendants agreed with a confidential government informant to either mislabel synthetic stimulants such as 1,4-DMAA or otherwise help to hide the true nature of a proposed dietary supplement from retailers.

In pleading guilty earlier this year, Gao admitted that she knew major American dietary supplement retailers would refuse to carry supplements known to contain certain stimulants, such as DMAA. Euroline Foods, LLC, et al. In a complaint filed in May, the United States alleged that the defendants processed and distributed ready-to-eat fish and fishery products, vegetable salads, and cheese products in a Staten Island facility with chronic insanitary conditions. The defendants agreed to be bound by a consent decree in which they stated that they no longer manufacturer or process fish or fishery products, and only distribute prepackaged items.

Under the order, the defendants would need to notify FDA and take remedial steps before processing various types of food. Todd and Patty Meech Dairy Farm, et al. On July 9, , the district court entered a consent decree of permanent injunction against Todd and Patty Meech Dairy Farm, and its owners, Todd Meech and Patty Meech, permanently enjoining the defendants from distributing meat that is adulterated under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

The United States alleged in a February complaint that defendants failed to abide by laws designed to protect consumers from consuming food that contained new animal drugs above legal limits. According to the complaint, lab testing by the U. The complaint alleged that an FDA inspection confirmed that the defendants did not record information regarding administered dosage, administration route, withdrawal time for meat, or the usable date for meat. The consent decree requires the defendants to establish and implement a quarantine or segregation system that ensures ready distinction between medicated and unmediated animals and that prevents defendants from selling or delivering for food slaughter any animals with illegal new animal drug residues in their edible tissues.

Michel G. On May 25, , the district court entered a consent decree of permanent injunction against Michel G. Blanchet, permanently enjoining the defendant from preparing, processing, and distributing fish or fishery products that are adulterated under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. The United States alleged in an October complaint that inspections at a facility that Blanchet previously owned found numerous violations of the current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, including failing to adequately control the risk of Listeria monocytogenes L.

Vulto Creamery et al. On March 30, , the district court permanently enjoined a Walton, New York, creamery and its owner, Johannes Vulto, from manufacturing and distributing adulterated food. In a complaint filed March 19, the United States alleged that the defendants violated the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act by manufacturing and distributing ready-to-eat cheeses contaminated with listeria.

According to the complaint, a investigation by FDA and the CDC determined Vulto Creamery cheese was the source of a multistate listeriosis outbreak that sickened at least eight people, two of whom died. The complaint alleged that testing by the defendants revealed a type of listeria in the Vulto facility, but the defendants never attempted to identify the species of the bacteria or its source. The defendants agreed to be bound by a consent decree of permanent injunction filed with the complaint. Riddhi USA, Inc. Alam, permanently enjoining the defendants from manufacturing and distributing dietary supplements that are adulterated and misbranded under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

The United States alleged in an October complaint that inspections at Riddhi found numerous violations of the current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, including the failure to establish product specifications for the purity and strength of finished dietary supplements, the failure to verify the identity of dietary ingredients, and the failure to follow written quality control procedures.

Evidence at trial showed PCA products sickened hundreds and likely thousands of people during an outbreak of salmonellosis in PCA president Stewart Parnell, sales manager Michael Parnell, and quality assurance director Mary Wilkerson all were convicted in September and sentenced to months, months, and 60 months of imprisonment, respectively.

On appeal, the 11th Circuit ruled that juror exposure to extrinsic evidence of deaths related to the outbreak did not influence or contribute to the verdict.

In spiritual contexts there can be a neutralizing of difference as a way of creating community through commonality and with an intention towards a collective consciousness. However, in a world where difference has meaning and impact — queerness, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomics and geographic and historical contexts — to neutralize difference negates pieces of all of our whole selves in their great texture and abundance.

We will explore together the way in which seeing and honoring sacred and beautiful difference builds deeper community, collective awareness and transformation. We will engage in this movement towards a radical love of each other and begin to see how through honoring the tapestry of difference we build connection to the larger social world and a call to manifesting social change.

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Because if we see the sacred difference of others it will inherently pull us towards not only honoring that difference, but also protecting it in all the ways it is expressed in the world. We will engage the ways in which the science of mirroring neurons can offer us a map into this practice of honoring sacred difference. We will close with a practice of mirroring radical love and seeing the sacred difference in each other. Quantum physics is revealing that we, by our very nature, are creative—and creator—beings who unknowingly possess great power to cast reality in ways we can only imagine.

As if under a spell of our own making, the majority of our species, however, have become entranced by our intrinsic gift for dreaming up our world, unknowingly hypnotizing ourselves via our God-given power to creatively call forth reality in such a way that our creative power unconsciously boomerangs against us, undermining our potential for individual and collective evolution. The revelations emerging from quantum physics are unlocking the vast, world-transforming creative power of the human psyche.

The new physics is a spiritual treasure that humanity has dreamed up—both in our world and inside of our minds—as the medicine for the collective psychosis afflicting the human species. The revelation that is quantum physics expands the realm of the possible to previously unimaginable degrees.

In seeing through and dispelling the illusory boundary between mind and matter, between inner and outer, quantum physics has discovered the dreamlike nature of reality. In this presentation we will explore how quantum physics is the physics of the universal dream: it is simultaneously pointing to the dreamlike nature of reality while being an expression—and revelation—of the very dreamlike nature at which it is pointing.

We are aware of thinking and acting, and we typically think this is neurons and brains are for. Their deeper functions in regulating the body, either directly or through neurohormonal and neuroimmune interactions are largely unconscious and therefore neglected.

This talk introduces theoretical models and experimental data suggesting an even deeper and evolutionarily older function of nervous systems: regulating the size and shape of the body. If these models are correct, the original function of neurons was the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation.

Neurons still perform these functions, from early embryogenesis through adulthood. We may even, sometimes, be aware of them. Recognizing this gives a new meaning to "embodied cognition. In his work, Campbell identified a potent mythological motif in which the individual, living comfortably in his or her normal and known world, receives a call to adventure.

This call requires him or her to encounter magical forces, first outside, and then eventually within the self. The journey is completed when the Hero returns to his or her community and offers their transformed consciousness as a blessing to those around them. This is the journey of the those who, early in their lives, have been changed or altered as a consequence of early childhood trauma.

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Monsters—or their equivalents, Aliens and Mutants—begin their journey in the world of the abnormal. So instead of being called to a hidden magical world, they are challenged to connect to the normal world, which they see every day but which remains frightening and alienating to them. And instead of gifting their communities with newly discovered inner magic, they may eventually offer back the abilities and heightened personal qualities that have been gifted to them through the process of early traumatization.

In this way, the individual finds their authentic self and redeems the suffering caused by the trauma. There will be ample time allotted for group sharing among participants as well as question and answer with Dr. Join us for a timely conversation exploring a new paradigm supporting psychological health for spiritual teachers, leaders, and communities. Many scandals, traumas, and the common psychological dysfunctions litter the modern spiritual and religious landscape. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, we believe we can learn from past mistakes and collectively focus on spiritual integrity, trauma, shadow work, embodiment, psychological growth, and ethics, in order to cultivate qualities that create healthy, mature spiritual teachers, students, and communities, as well as success and integrity on the path.

Join us as we work to explore new models based on shared human values while honoring our spiritual nature. What is at play when a teacher consciously or unconsciously cultivates dependency in their students? At the end of this explorative discussion, are we open to taking on the challenge to support change both within our personal lives and within our spiritual communities? Together we will mobilize to empower ourselves and each other to be the change we want to see within the current climate of contemporary spirituality. Within Mahayana Buddhist traditions, there are oracle systems that have guided the course of the tradition and have even helped with the establishment of new schools of thought.

We will explore the different forms of wisdom that have emerged out of relationships mediated by the oracle tradition between Tibetan Buddhist deities and well-known scholars. We will explore the worlds that opened through the relationship between Tsongkhapa and Manjushri and between Asanga and Maitreya , for example.

Shamanism is a form of spiritual practice based in earth-wisdom traditions whose practices rely heavily on the practitioner's capacity to form oracle relationships with the unseen powers of nature. One of the primary tasks for the shamanic initiate is to master the art of mediumship. Whenever shamans are working, they are expected to be able to offer a vehicle for helping spirits to enter into the world of ordinary reality to assist those in need.

Shamans may be called upon to speak with those who have passed on or provide a channel for others to do so. They may also be asked to become a conduit for the subtle energies held in light and sound to be used effectively in all types of healing environments. We will look at the ways in which shamans use oracle work and the channeling of spirits in their work in serving others.

Our human and greater-than-human relationships in life make us who we are. From our best friends, family, ancestry to the water we drink, the deer, the hawk, the spider, the soil, the trees, the ocean, and the sky. This is an altar to honor all the relationships that bind us and that we are bound to, in and through time.

This altar, by Day Schildkretand our entire SAND community will be surrounded by a nest made of local branches from local trees. Each branch will be wrapped with the names of our relations that we care about and love. Invitation: Please take a branch. On a slip of paper write the name of something or someone you care deeply about, are glad they are in this world and will grieve if and when they leave this world. Wrap this paper around the branch and wrap the colored string around the paper, binding the paper to the branch. Hand the branch to the artist, Day for placement in the nest.

Witness the altar and nest being created and eventually, deconstructed. In the life sciences, recurring cycles of differentiation and integration toward greater wholeness is a universal process. And so it is with human lovers. The spark of romantic love promises the possibility of unity. But as lovers continue on this path, differences surface, and our equilibrium is threatened. In this experiential session, we will explore how to use relationship as an awareness practice, a mutual journey of healing and liberation—where together we learn to hold a loving, compassionate space for the rejected, abandoned, angry, or fearful parts of our personalities, rather than identifying with these as who we are.

We learn to let go of trying to transcend such messy aspects of our humanity, and discover that the practice of compassionate self-inquiry, while holding space for our disowned parts, pops us into a deepening sense of wholeness, an embodiment of love. In the context of psychotherapy, the client-therapist connection and relationship are of utmost and fundamental importance. However, traditional psychology misses the mark in properly addressing this necessity by holding limited, incomplete, and dualistic therapeutic positions which further reinforce a duality of separation, and limit the transformative power of a true, undifferentiated therapeutic relationship.

In contrast, nondual-based psychotherapy offers the opportunity to dissolve personal and interpersonal dualities, heal from dualistic-based suffering, and give rise to a greater sense of connection to self, to life, and to reality. By creating a relationship based on mutuality within the sacred space of pure awareness, nondual psychotherapy reinforces the rediscovery of our true nature, diffuses the illusion of separation, and promotes healing through the powerful dynamic of true, authentic nondual connection with another human being.

Devotion is a way of relating that invites us to merge, to become fully absorbed, with the object of our devotion. When the object of our devotion is Source, or God, or Consciousness, we merge with this knowing, and we experience ourselves as One with it. Advaita Vedanta is the nondual teaching, and Yoga is the practice, that gives us a direct experience with the true nature of reality and of ourselves.

Join us for this exploration of Bhakti, the practice of Love and Devotion in the Yoga tradition. Explore the ever-deepening stages of awareness and how to remove the illusions that stand in our way from knowing ourselves as the divine. Learn how the practice of love and devotion is the mother of all wisdom, and brings us to the limitless happiness and freedom that we all seek. The world is in desperate need for compassion.

Compassion means to recognize the real nature of every living being, also in actions that express separation. Compassion means too see that there is not a person anywhere, but Consciousness in action. In this recognition you can welcome in your Heart all the suffering of believing that this is not so, knowing that maybe this cannot be seen through every form right away, but accepting seeing this in your Heart until it is possible for everybody. This is the life of a bodhisattva and the life to which we all aspire to as truth seekers. If this is possible, any action of Consciousness that expresses through your form will come from unity and will support only unity in the world.

That compassion can do miracles, and arises from that true Heart that is everywhere, as Ramana Maharshi said. What can we do in front of a crumbling world in which everything seems to be more and more divided? We are Emptiness that contemplates all form through the human experience. The Heart is this Emptiness that meditates the world.

Abiding in the compassion of the empty Heart allows us to dissolve any apparent contradictions and divisions we see in the world, not because we resolve these polarities but because they can all co-exist and dissolve in our Being. In the Heart there is no need to split ourselves into two and polarize into right and wrong, you or me, your truth or my truth - all this can simultaneously exist and be contained in Emptiness. We will explore the agony which may arise when one tries to think nondually, when this involves significant un-learning.

Focusing on the nondual constructive math of Errett Bishop, we will consider the implications for education and philosophy.

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Why should a non-mathematician care? Because it is an issue of pluralism and freedom of choice. Because the path to constructive understanding can be seen as a therapeutic process, a healing or liberation, and also as kicking a habit, as a recovery. Because constructivists offer different understandings, of such concepts as: truth, existence, belief, equality, identity, infinity. Truth is an evolutionary force in humanity and the basis of the civilization we have developed.

It takes truth to further our science, and it takes truth to realize our essential nature. These beliefs obscure the truths we have discovered about the world and ourselves, and therefore influence how we live together and what world we build. To continue developing civilization, our use of truth will need to be three-fold: 1 discovering new truths 2 applying those truths as well as the truths we have previously discovered, and 3 undoing the false beliefs and mistaken views we have, both outer and inner.

Given the above, our relationship to truth is the most important relationship we have, both individually and collectively. It will help us live and prosper to understand what our relationship to truth actually is. Do we recognize its significance and importance in our lives and societies? Do we actively cultivate our relationship to it? Is it an evolving relationship? Are we getting closer to it? Is our relationship to truth a love relationship? It would seem that truth loves humanity in that it has provided us an instrument to discover and apply it.

That instrument is inquiry. It is somewhere involved in all human endeavor: science, technology, arts, education, governance, medicine, journalism, spiritual realization We can use it to optimize our relationship to truth. What is to come through this birth canal of our collective evolution, we cannot know.

It can feel so unstable, so frightening and painful to our vulnerable birthing selves as we leave one world and are not yet fully grounded within a new one. This constant dying and letting go into the emergence of our next expression is what our organic developmental wisdom carries. There is a 13 billion at least! We are this, that is awake, aware, and trustworthy at the very core of our being. We can allow this intelligence to permeate all of our activities and relationships.

In this class, we will melt below habitual patterns of an over-stimulated nervous system, wired through history, a false sense of separation, and the thinking mind to connect directly with our core intelligence. Using breath, sound vibration, subtle intrinsic movement, embryological anatomy and provocative inquiry we enter into the inner alchemy that allows a dissolve of any outdated structures. A psycho-spiritual somatic reorganization and higher order of self-regulation arises as our cells surrender into the all-pervasive holding ground of nature that is always present, when we are seated in the Core.

We will re-emerge renewed, resourced and ready to re-engage our senses such that they become thresholds where the divine, the natural world, our culture and the mystery of being human coalesce as the dynamic dance of Life. For 30 years, dharma teacher Cynthia Jurs has taken little clay pots called Earth Treasure Vases, around the world to restore balance and harmony to the Earth. Like acupuncture needles in the living body of Mother Gaia, the Earth Treasure Vases are filled with healing prayers and symbolic offerings, then taken to places calling for protection and renewal to be planted like seeds where they are needed.

With the help of elders, activists and regular folks in diverse cultures, communities and ecosystems around the whole planet, the heartfelt prayers and intentions held within these holy vessels take root in surprising ways bringing this ancient practice of sacred activism alive in answer to the call of our times. Please join Cynthia in a special ceremony to initiate one of the last remaining Earth Treasure Vases she received from the lamas in Nepal that is imbued with sacred medicines connecting it to all the enlightened lineage masters.

The destination of the Earth Treasure Vase will be announced at SAND, and after a meditation, will be passed around our circle to receive your prayers and symbolic offerings. Guided by the elders and grounded in the living Earth, with each Earth Treasure Vase, we are planting the seeds of collective awakening and planetary healing — becoming Vessels of the Holy ourselves. In the ancient Hebrew tradition, discovering hidden relationships between words, letters, and sounds serves to shift our consciousness into states of greater presence and expansion. In this session, we will explore the esoteric relationship between form and formlessness embedded within the Shema, an ancient mystical formula and sacred-sound practice designed to awaken our consciousness into an embodied state of nondual realization and universal love.

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In this process, the relationship between the dual and the nondual is clarified: the formless is recognized as the form, the transcendent as the immanent, the unmanifest as the manifest, the spiritual as the material. The looking-glass relations of pure mathematics are among the most significant relations of which we are a part. Grand Unified Theories of Physics use mathematical relations called dualities to unify gravity with the Standard Model. One such duality is the powerful Homological Mirror Symmetry, which relates spaces with different topologies by reflection across their Hodge diamond.

Grand Unified Theories of Mathematics use mathematical relations called isomorphisms and quasi-isomorphisms to relate number theory and geometry. One such quasi-isomorphism is the Local Langlands Correspondence, which is a conjectured GUT of global class field theory relating Galois groups and automorphic forms in a filtration series of powerful correspondences.

For instance, the power set of R2, the Euclidean xy plane, contains a copy of every book ever written and all books to be written in all futures, since it contains all subsets of points in R2. Thus, the power set is a magical moduli space! Kimberly Braun stands before you as one surrendered, and surrendering over and again into the embrace of the Beloved. Her presentation will both excite your senses with the playfulness with which she recounts stories of union and stir your mind through her compelling insights and reflection on the nature of relationship as part of what it means to be human, Consciousness in Form.

One consciousness plays itself as two, in this divine dance of apparent separation and union. We will explore the divine masculine and feminine within and the inner union that flourishes in embodied awakening. We will explore what this looks like on the outside and inside both personally and in relationships. We will also explore the perfection of and resolution of longing for the other in the awakening process both in and out of intimate relationships. Psychedelics have officially re-entered mainstream consciousness, through clinical research trials at major universities, corporate-sponsored pharmaceutical drug development, and decriminalization efforts in major America cities.

Everyone from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Michael Pollan now has a story to tell about how mushrooms can save humanity. But let's not forget the original love stories that the mushrooms have been quietly sharing with humans for millennia. In this talk, Dr. Katherine MacLean will weave a tale of scientific discovery, mystical love, super-natural intelligence, and personal redemption from the perspective of individual humans and their amazing encounters with psilocybin mushrooms.

Learn more at www. From this point of view consciousness is inter-connected and arises through all first person experiences in a given moment simultaneously inter-experiencing. Interbeing is a powerful framework for communicating non-duality to audiences with dualist intuitions, for emphasising the practical implications of non-duality, and for capturing the internalization of non-duality into a lasting perception of personal identity.

Any individual self embracing the Interbeing lens understands her existence as arising through all other selves as much as through her own—and as such holds the Golden Rule treat others as you would treat yourself inherently in her sense of identity. While a number of self-transcendence and spirituality scales have been developed, none directly address the conceptualization of interbeing in perception of self.

The purpose of this preliminary study was to formulate an Interbeing Scale IS and its sub-scales, and to build internal and ecological validity of the overall scale and sub-scales. As a first step, the IS was delivered to a pilot sample of adults through an online survey. Exploratory Factor Analysis EFA was then used to derive an underlying dimension of Interbeing, which was extracted and correlated with outcome variables.

Alphas showed strong internal validity. The correlations between IS sub-scales and compassion, giving, and inspiration suggest the possibility of ecological validity. Scale items were also assessed for clarity and validity with a sample of eight senior monastics from the Order of Interbeing, as well as four expert researchers who had developed related scales. Based on data analysis and qualitative feedback an updated version of the IS was then developed and tested.

Many people focus on spiritual awakening to the exclusion of other areas of life, or they focus on trying to fix one or two problem areas of their lives. You are meant to live a vibrant, alive, and aligned life in all areas: spiritual awakening, abundance, relationship, emotional healing, work, and body. Similarly, every area that is awake and embodied can lift up the other facets of life. You have a loving opportunity to illuminate and awaken the whole ecosystem of your life.

Can we remain naked of self images in front of the ignorance of the world? Resting beyond the dualistic game of guilt and blame, the empty Heart sees Love moving in every action and relates only to itself. True compassion can be in certain cases very controversial, especially when there is a strong tendency to take sides. The ego-concept blinds us to recognize that there is only pure Awareness that moves through all forms. Where Love does not know itself consciously, its expression will be filtered and sometimes even perverted into what we could call evil or darkness. This lack of self recognition is the source of any violence, shame, guilt or blame.

Compassion is the ability, by Awareness, to recognize and acknowledge only itself everywhere. Our deepest essence, Pure Consciousness, is just apparently hidden behind the game of personality and it can - through meditation - re-absorb within itself all ignorance. Standing in the Heart in the face of conflict, we can stop holding on to any position whatsoever, allowing the burning of any defense mechanism.

It leads us to stand in the rawness of vulnerability, that is openness itself. This openness is meeting the world, and ourselves, with a completely transpersonal compassion - it is seeing yourself as the other, feeling their pain as yours.

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It is Love in action - an exquisite divinely human quality. As Consciousness you can take that suffering into your Heart, because despite where it appears, ultimately it is all yours. The Heart, as Pure Awareness though the human form, can transform everything in itself. Compassion can be revolutionary dropping of attachment to any ideas, letting the Heart live us from the mystery and responding just to its silent voice.

This altar, by Day Schildkret and our entire SAND community will be surrounded by a nest made of local branches from local trees. This talk will teach you everything you want to know about what it is to be an empath. David will cover the history of the word, from its inception in literature to its present day use.

He'll explore the edges of empathy and where it meets intuitive abilities—then he'll push into the seemingly inexplicable realm of psychic phenomena. You'll learn David's own story, going from skeptic to self-proclaimed empath. He'll describe the nature of his own superpower and his desire to have his superpower, and the superpowers of his fellow empaths, more rigorously studied and understood by science.

Lastly, he'll help you discover where you are on the empath spectrum. You might think the word doesn't apply to you, that it's for "those sensitive types," but you might be surprised. This presentation will focus on how the subtle body can explicitly be incorporated into somatic therapy and psychotherapy in order to assist the healing process.

Topics will include an overview of the subtle body, a discussion of subtle body and its connection to emotions, and how this understanding can be used in healing. The presentation will include an experiential component, focus on somatic awareness and incorporating the teachings of the body through pranayama and visualization. At seventeen, David studied with a Kabbalah master to fashion universes out of emptiness on stage. It is an ancient and rare art form, not unlike life itself.

The complexity of the present time seems to demand a deepening of our nature if we are going to survive. Deepening requires exploration. And for all its byways, exploration leads ultimately to the spiritual source of our existence and to the quest for a faith that will support our continuing explorations.

Not since the days of Plato and Buddha and Confucius, some years ago, has there been such an uprising of spiritual yearning. Though the varieties of contemporary religious experience may look or sound different, they share a core belief—that each human being contains a godseed, a divine essence that can be nurtured through spiritual practice into a fully matured expression of the god stuff within.

Moreover, belief in a divine essence as the basis of reality is not limited to explicitly religious paths. Scientists of a Non Dual bent explain reality in terms that are not much different from those mystics use. While mystics speak of steps on the path to union with the Infinite, scientist-seekers talk about the frequency bands of consciousness, some of which are closer than others to Universal being.

Speculative scientists often use the metaphor of the hologram to explain humanity's place in the Universal Mind. Each part of a hologram contains an image of the whole. Break a hologram image up, shine a special kind of laser light though any of its pieces, and you get the whole picture back again.

In spiritual terms, we might think of ourselves as fragments of the great hologram of Reality. Shine the proper light of consciousness through us, and we each reflect the whole—starfish and sequoias, the sap rising in the winter trees and the yearning of God for each of us. This yearning to know our true nature is universal. When I have studied or talked with seekers who have had this experience, they have told me of a joy that passes understanding, an immense surge of creativity, a instant uprush of kindness and tolerance that make them impassioned champions for the betterment of all, bridge builders, magnets for solutions, peacemakers, pathfinders.

Best of all, other people feel enriched and nourished around them. Everyone they touch becomes more, because they themselves are more. In his meetings, Rupert explores the perennial, non-dual understanding that lies at the heart of all the great religious and spiritual traditions, such as Advaita Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, Zen etc.

This is a contemporary, experiential approach involving silent meditation, guided meditation and conversation, and requires no affiliation to any particular religious or spiritual tradition. All that is required is an interest in the essential nature of experience, and in the longing for love, peace and happiness around which most of our lives revolve. We have to be evolved and ecological. The transcendent core of self-realization frees the mind from the burdens of worrying, of thinking, and of doing.

The end of self-realization is the disappearance of the world as a separate entity. It is not that the transcendental comes back down to the mix with the world, but that the world is revealed to have been nothing other than the transcendental the whole time. In this poster presentation, attendees will see the results of a doctoral dissertation research project which showed, via Heartmath Inner Balance Connectors, how one person, focused on love and gratitude, caused physiological changes in other people in proximity, and also by distance when focusing with intention on that person.

Attendees will have the chance to experience a demonstration using the Inner Balance connector, and see their own state of coherence changed by the Law of Resonance in real time. Nondual embodiment is a whole-body experience that awakens the most subtle dimension of your being, allowing your relationship with all of life to become disentangled yet intimately engaged and fully experienced. When you inhabit the whole internal space of your body, including your subtle core, you uncover an infinite expanse of undivided, unchanging fundamental consciousness.

This is an embodied, nondual experience of unbroken space pervading your body and the environment as a unity. When two people, or a group of people, attune to this fundamental consciousness together, they experience mutual transparency: a unified, single expanse of relational, nondual consciousness. And unified wholeness supports us to receive and respond to others with less projection and less fear, from the ground of love.

Realization Process is a meditation method for direct experience of nondual awakening. Realization Process is also an embodiment practice for personal and relational healing. This poster presentation is supported with a brief experiential introduction to Realization Process and is offered in partnership with poster presenter Zeb Lancaster, PhD.


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You will feel how inhabiting the body is different from body awareness. You will have opportunity to uncover the experience of pervasive, unchanging unity, fundamental consciousness, and use nondual embodiment to explore mutual transparency and non-invasive relational contact. Learn to open your heart without leaving your body.

Literature on the neuroscience of happiness and positive neuroplasticity frequently cite the importance of adopting a gratitude practice as a fundamental tool to impact mood, improve wellbeing and reverse the brains negativity bias. Regularly engaging in a conscious gratitude exercise has been proven to produce multiple benefits including elevating mood, increasing satisfaction with life and building overall resilience.

But could this gentle practice also have a deeper impact on our level of consciousness and connection with the Divine? To engage as many people as possible in a conscious gratitude practice 2. To test the hypothesis that gratitude can serve as a gateway to spiritual awakening.

Join me as I guide you through the powerful insights from this beautiful journey and learn how deepening a gratitude practice over the course of sixty days enables us to tap into the field of open, loving presence and provides an avenue to connect more deeply to the truth of our Being. Gratitude most certainly awakens us to our true nature and to the beauty of the world around us — let me share that magic with you!

Many of us feel as though we are never doing enough and that we must constantly prove and re-prove our self-worth. We have a deep-rooted sense of inadequacy that drives us to over-achieve or acquire more than we already have. Science reveals that, through our common ancestry, all life on earth is one. If I am one with Everything, how can I not be enough?

There is no longer anything to become because we already are Everything That Is. To what am I returning? Not to something outside of myself but to something That I Am. What does it mean to be in an ongoing relationship with this part of ourselves? Stop by the Poster Session and speak with Dave about healing your pain or illness with a modality unique to Empaths and Sensitives!

SAND needs a poet. I could not stop. It springs from the place where science is a gateway to wonder, and wonder is both holy and relentless. The poems stand on their own. People in my audiences get goosebumps, cry, grin, feel their hearts open and their brains hum. The Gong is said to be the primal sound. Reminiscent of the Big Bang, this cosmic sound travels through time and space and resonates to our deepest levels of being. When I first started learning to play the Gong from my teacher, Master Gong Healer Guru Mantra Singh Khalsa, a man with 40 years of yoga practice behind him and a Vietnam War Veteran, the magnetic pull of the sound gave me an experience of being fully immersed in the here and now, and at peace.

Like a blanket pulled over our consciousness, we cannot help but surrender to the deep folds of its mysterious vibrations. Playing the Gong and sharing its story, as well as the power of sound and meditation in my own healing journey following 5 years of Marine Corps service and an additional 4 years abroad in Afghanistan, has been an instrumental part of my career as a teacher.

Instrumental to creating the sacred space of sound is thoughtfulness, presentation, and the culture of ritual. Ritual involves a distinct set and setting, intention, and a deliberate focus of the sound. It can involve one of a vast number of elements; the key theme is that it creates a sacred space within the individual, where healing and resonance - the Cosmic Relationship - take place.

Participants will hear a little of my own story, and experience the power and mystery behind the Gong. Much is made of the extraordinary sensitivity of empaths. Arkashea - Therry - Homestead, FL. Aromatherapy Chelsea Aromatherapy - P. Soul Purpose by M. Raymond Page - Miami, FL. Church Unity on the Bay - NE 21st Street - Miami, FL 9 and 11 am service, bookstore, spanish services too, many classes and workshops. Hank Barreto - N.

New England Institute of Hypnotherapy - Dr. Medium Mikaela - Miami, FL. Cleveland Storey - Quorum Global - P.