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That moon in Leo I mentioned in the video should be around Dec. A time to embrace love! In a nutshell: Memories and people from your past get revived and put you in the holiday spirit, Leo.

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Challenge those assumptions Resist pressure to be anyone but you Give the gift of being true to yourself —and others. Any attempts to pigeon-hole you especially by family or loved ones, will be met with resistance this week, Virgo. This holiday season may have you determined to challenge any preconceptions about you that others may be hanging on to. You want to be seen for who you are, not how people think you are or want you to be.

Ruler Mercury is finally out of retrograde shadow this week and in your 4th of home and family. You also have a crowded house in your partnership sector with Mars, Chiron and Neptune home for the holidays. Mars is not happiest in here as it is a planet of action and this is a house of relating.

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Running into people from your past is a possibility now as is not being able to resist saying it like it is. Your best options for keeping the Christmas spirit alive? Wear what you like, be who you are, avoid sitting around and opt for larger gatherings as opposed to smaller ones if you can. Even if they do drive you mad. Would you really be without them? In a nutshell: You just want to be yourself this holiday, Virgo. Your best options for festive fun are big gatherings, walking off that feast — and being true to you.

Jingle bells — or is that cash registers, Libra? You are being prepared for a cycle where your values will be defined and determined throughout and beyond. What you need to sustain you, make you feel safe and secure and above all, pay for the beautiful things for yourself and your loved ones you know sustain your soul. Funding your future — and all the Christmases yet to come will be your focus as the year draws to a close. And on some level this may involve a streamlining process even as you contemplate how to make more. Mars makes a highly positive angle to the North Node in your career sector putting you on course towards your true calling.

Now, whatever this is and expect business to boom in the coming year, it calls upon you to unleash your inner Vivian Westwood. And beautifully, outrageously and unforgettably at the same time. You want the kind of success that adds to your security, without selling out. Do it your way in The spirit of giving and receiving flows through you this holiday season.

Venus in your 1st gently coaxes ruler Pluto in your 3rd to be generous when it comes to increasing your power of attraction.

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Anyone you turn your attention to is likely to find you irresistible. Giving just results in more for you to receive. So, the more you give, the more you get. This can be telling someone you love them, to your choice of gifts. Light up the festivities with your passion now as both your ruler ancient and modern are in the party spirit, powering you forward into the New Year.

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This includes your passion to spread love and pleasure amongst everyone thanks to Mars in your 5th. Mars meets Chiron in your 5th and also trines the North Node in your 9th this week. The greatest gift you have to give anyone this week is the present of your presence. Above all, Mars and Chiron in here are about initiating something or creating it. Enter into the spirit of the season with your generosity.

While making a first, bold move on your own plans! Enjoy the present, plan for the future Expand your way of living Live, love, work and play — your way. But for now, be in the moment and enjoy wherever the holiday season takes you. The changes could begin close to home however as Mercury in your 1st makes a confining angle to Neptune on the 25th.

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  • The fact is, there is some aspect of your work, lifestyle, home or career that has become confining and needs to change. You probably already know what this is reading this. Time to design a home, way of working, lifestyle that is more individualistically YOU and which supports you while giving you the freedom you need.

    Take note of the ideas you come up with about this as the time to act on them will arrive soon. But for now — happy holidays, Sag. In a nutshell: Stay in the moment but plan for the future. Embrace a bigger vision for living and your career,Sag. Explore new paths to your dreams Benefits flow from social encounters A new connection could change your world. Wish upon that star on top of the tree, Capricorn as Venus lights up your goals sector this festive season.

    Venus in your 11th is usually about the love of friends, your social circle, parties and pleasurable events, concerts and gifts and other benefits which flow from the people you socialise with. However, because of other elements at play in the sky at the moment, there is the promise of so much more as we continue your birthday season and head towards Chances are you are filled with radical new ideas on how you will reach those goals in the coming year and the people you know or even encounter now, could have a radical and unexpected role to play in you attaining those dreams.

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    Love and romance could also be on the agenda now as it also makes an angle of attraction to the North Node in your partnership sector. This could herald the arrival of a karmic connection — a life-long friend or partner.

    Cancer Weekly Astrology Forecast 25th December 2017

    Any emerging relationship has the potential to transform you and even your lifepath, on a very deep level. This is your monthly horoscope forecast for Cancer for November of , where we provide an overview of the major planetary alignments this month, and talk about what areas of your life they will relate to from the perspective of astrology and the zodiac signs. Your major astrology transits this month, Cancer, include Jupiter moving into your Roles are reversable.

    Check moon, rising and venus signs for more information. Thank you. Hey there Cancer, Frustrated by opposition, you may feel like giving up. Garner your willpower, and trust your ideas and take them where they will be appreciated. If a decision goes against you, do not doubt your abilities; keep the faith. By the third week of the month a breakthrough will reveal a success. With determination and clarity Weekly Horoscopes with Michele Knight. Your Cancer November December 1, weekly tarot reading. This is a general reading for any sun, moon or rising sign Cancer. I hope you find something helpful here. It has been an interesting and amazing journey.

    I enjoy I hope you enjoy these general readings.