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Love Match Compatibility. By the early 13th century it is thought that a systemised Malayalam alphabet had emerged. Some changes were made to the alphabet over the following centuries, and by the middle of the 19th century the Malayalam alphabet had attained its current form. As a result of the difficulties of printing Malayalam, a simplified or reformed version of the script was introduced during the s and s.

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The main change involved writing consonants and diacritics separately rather than as complex characters. These changes are not applied consistently so the modern script is often a mixture of traditional and simplified letters. Malayalam is also regularly written with a version of the Arabic script by Muslims in Singapore and Malaysia, and occasionally by Muslims in Kerala.

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Christians in Kerala used to write Malayalam with the Syriac script and use a variety of Malayalam known as Suriyani Malayalam in their liturgy. A chillu or chillaksharam represents pure consonants independently, without help of a virama. Unlike a consonant represented by an ordinary consonant letter, these consonants are never followed by an inherent vowel.

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Forgot Username? This is first part of a weekly series on learning Indian astrology by famous astrologer Punit Pandey.

Generally most of the people are interested in astrology and want to learn this ancient science. Quite a few succeed in finding a guru with their persistent endeavor, but these gurus teach astrology in such a complicated way that scares off even the earnest aspirants.

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And rest of the pupils run off after hearing complex and high-sounding terminology of astrology. If certain basic principles are followed sincerely, it can make astrology learning a pleasant and fulfilling experience. Those who want to master science of astrology must always bear these points in their minds:.

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One can advance rapidly in his endeavor to learn astrology, if one keeps above points in mind and stick to them. Astrology can be divided in two sections: mathematical astrology and predictive astrology.

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Mathematical part of astrology mainly contains creation of birth chart. In this part of astrology, different positions of the planets are calculated on the basis of time and place etc. On the other hand, predictive astrology is used for foretelling events of future. In this series, we will discuss mathematical portion later and initially focus on predictive astrology. At the time of child-birth, a map of the positions of planets in the cosmos is created, and this map is known as birth-chart or janma kundali. There are various software available in market these days that can be used to calculate mathematical data required and to create birth-charts.

Entire astrology is based primarily on nine planets, twelve signs, twenty-seven Nakshatras and twelve houses Bhava.