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Most zodiac signs give very general characteristics that can apply to anyone, not necessarily born within the time period of the sign. This is known as the forer effect. It is where an over-generalized reading can be interpreted as very accurate by many people simultaneously. An experiment was conducted to prove this. A number of students were asked their zodiac and given the appropriate horoscope to read. They were then asked to grade how accurate they felt the horoscope was regarding their selves and a significant number, if not the majority, gave their horoscopes scores ranging from 4 to 5 the maximum.

Predictions made by astrologers vary wildly from the vague to the specific — though most often they are extremely vague or at least vaguely in line with what most people think based on looking at the world around them, rather than the sky above. Any one of them or all of them might occur in a year less alone a decade for which this prediction stands true.

Hence it is highly illogical to connect natural events to celestial bodies. Natural calamities have more to do with human intervention than with the position of planets. If it were false how it has passed over several centuries and trickled down the pipe of history and relevant even today. There are believers and non believers but everyone has read a horoscope about their sign at least once.

Some read it for the sake of entertainment. While others go in to its meaning. It is science or art based on perception of the individual. It claims scientific status because it requires mathematics and an understanding of Astronomy. There have been people in history that rallied in support of astrology such as Nostradamus. He is said to be an astrologer that predicted important world events several centuries before they happened.

There is always a small veil between illusion and reality and which side astrology sits is up to the individual.

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Further scientific analysis may someday prove that astrology is a real science. Because until they are proved, all theories are baseless assumptions made by pretentious scientists. Only time will have to tell. Temples are an integral part of Hindu way of life, and with majority of population[ Lord Shiva is one of the three major deities of Hinduism, the two others being[ What is Sankhya Philosophy? You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Explore Hinduism. Temple Purohit TemplePurohit. Why is Radha Worshiped with Krishna instead of Rukmini? Did the originators of astrology study the traits of millions of people and discover that all those born at a specific time had identical characteristics and futures? Nor has it been proven since that the early fictions are fact. Essentially, astrology may seem to be accurate because the astrologer supplies vague statements and generalities, which the credulous person attempts to apply to his or her own situation. For a critical discussion of astrology, see Dean et al.

You will discover a beautiful thirty-six-year-old daughter you did not know you had, along with two grandsons.

Your life will be changed forever. This is the astrological forecast I should have received for , but it never came. The discovery was the big event in my life that year, to say the least, but apparently no astrologer or, for that matter, palmist, tarot reader, or other fortune-teller had had an inkling of it.

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Not that I had checked them all, of course, but over the years I have visited many prognosticators and been unimpressed with their offerings—very unimpressed. After the wonderful revelation of parenthood in the fall of , I decided to purchase three astrological guides that were still available on bookshelves.

At last I am getting around to writing my assessment of these, although I thumbed through them at the time for their forecasts for me. Having been born on December 1, I am, astrologically speaking, a Sagittarius. My family relationships were anything but stifling: As to immediate family, my parents were dead; I was largely estranged from my only sibling an older brother ; and I had neither wife nor children.

That was to change, but the drama began with positive DNA tests a month later, on October Briefly, in the fall of I learned of my daughter, Cherie—my only child—whose mother, Diana, had been my college sweetheart. Diana left me in to return to her former boyfriend. While she thought she became pregnant, we now know she already was pregnant.

Three years after we knew Cherie was our child, the two of us both divorced married—almost exactly forty years later.

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Polansky not only missed my learning of the existence of my daughter but also missed the big event for November: father and child meeting each other for the first time, on the 26th see Figure 2. Stress harmony, voice, music, romance. What you have been seeking is right there, where you live.

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Not to be too technical, I believe that would be counted as a miss. In the entire matter, astrologers were worse than useless. But if such off-the-shelf prognostications were failures, what about a targeted reading? It was too late to try that in my case, but as it happened, years before, I had tested this approach by having a reading made for an individual with a most unusual situation. The idea occurred to me when, in , I came upon an astrology booth at an antiques show in Lexington, Kentucky.

I was living in Lexington then, teaching technical writing at the University of Kentucky where I had received my PhD in One could hardly blame her for assuming this was a woman who, being approximately in my age range, was possibly a love interest—unless, of course, the astrologer was psychic as many claim to be. I paid her in advance for the reading. In fact, the subject whose reading I commissioned was a man who in —just nine days before his thirty-fourth birthday—was found shot through the head and his body burned in his car. This was a unique case I had investigated with a forensic analyst and Lexington police homicide detectives.

None of this was helpful to a man who died over nine years earlier. Perhaps it will be thought unfair to have sought, as a test, a reading for a dead person, but this personal forecast purported to involve long time periods, and it occasionally referred to the past. It seems to me that if the oracular forces cannot even know if the subject is alive or dead, the pronouncements cannot really be meaningfully accurate.