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Therefore, I posit that Amycus is who we are once we lose everything- All the foundations that we build our lives on: when they are ripped from us, what is left? The question of Amycus is one of identity, and that plays into his fatal flaw. As Amycus was the son of a deposed ruler, he has three real options: A. Make his only mission in life to restore himself to the throne, B.

Live as a peasant or animal, C. See, the more I write this the more I realize I know a perfect example of Amycus, another Prince who lost everything except his title and who could not let it go…. To survive , Prince Vegeta pledges his loyalty to the tyrant and serves in his army, allowing him and three of the remaining Saiyans to live and express t heir violent and destructive tendencies. This is the darker side of Amycus, delighting in the suffering of others. See, for some reason, Vegeta is given near-autonomy to wreak havoc and destruction on the galaxy, as long as the tyrant, Frieza is in charge- which suits Vegeta just fine, as he can just leave when the jackboot starts to chafe.

Vegeta is truly evil and sadistic, thinking only of his own brutal pleasure while he conquers and kills, and each time imagining he was exacting his vengeance on Frieza- That is until he comes to Earth. The proud prince gets better than he can give out, and this convolutedly leads to the tyrant getting more or less killed, and letting Vegeta live a free life, building a family and releasing his anger, more or less.

Sure he goes evil once and kills a bunch of people, but he then sacrifices himself to stop the evil that he more or less helped bring about, so…. Plus he had the best lines. Amycus in the chart rips away all that we try to cling to, and shows us who we really are, for better or for worse.

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We can either accept the new paradigm and try to cope, or lash out at everything around us, griping about the unfairness of it all. Amycus is an inability to accept change, a resistance to forward motion- but if we look past our hatred and need for vengeance disguised as justice, we can find true happiness.

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Until we can do that, we act out the worst parts of our nature, hurting the innocent bystanders in our life. Once you have it entered, generate the chart! Let us know in the comments below!

Its a title, not a name. Zeus is problematic. Tags: Amycus , Amycus , Amycus natal chart , centaur astrology. Mmmm based upon Amycus and who I am after everything is stripped away is Gemini 5th. Rock on mister — you have an awesomely beautiful mind! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Chiron and Friends (Centaurs, Asteroids, Exoplanets)

Well, before you start claiming that he gives you magic powers or whatever, settle down; Merlin, beyond all else, was a man. The stories about him press his humanity and foibles just as much as they do his mystery and achievements. Merlin, from birth, was set apart as different from the masses, unclean in some way but uniquely clever. Never part of the group, but relied upon for his wisdom. In short, he was used but never actually accepted. You always see the figures in Arthurian myth keeping him at arms length, never truly knowing how to trust him.

There was an unequal balance of power, with Merlin so far beyond the intelligence of those around him, that a normal life was impossible for him. The very thing that made him special and gave him his place in the world robbed him of anything but his duty.

Minor asteroids - pt 1

Merlin is a tragic figure in every way, once you start to look deeper than the facade that he wants you to see. I would look to this isolation and ostracisation playing out in the chart before I would ever say anything about it conferring magic to anyone. I would, however, give it an affinity for knowledge of the earth, its seasons and turning- In short, Druid ken knowledge. The Kuiper Belt is a much larger and more massive asteroid belt in the outer reaches of the solar system. In other words, Rhadamanthus is an expert in interrogating difficult subjects.

Minor Planet Names: Alphabetical List: Asteroids

Taking years to orbit the sun, but orbiting their mutual centre of mass every The orbital inclination of the system as a whole is close to zero, but as a double-object they orbit their own centre of mass at about degrees, meaning their self-orbital plane forms a disc almost perpendicular to the eccliptic. Nunam is the Earth goddess, Sila's wife. Nunam created the land animals and the first people of Inuit out of wet sand. Sila breathed life into the Inuit. Helios at HereticalOracles. The name of the system is the combined names of the two bodies, Sila and Nunam. It orbits very close to mean-motion resonance with Neptune. I would equate that to their real meaning in the chart: What you need to truly feel whole. This is very Chirotic, a need that cannot be filled from within, but one that you seek out in another.

No man is an island, after all- least of all a God! Themes of Capricorn vs Cancer and 5th vs 11th house, needing summer in my life but expanding most through the winter. It could be your greatest temptation, or addiction and it will be the one thing that gets you every time. You will have to fight this battle again and again until you build enough willpower to see this demon off once and for all. For some people willpower is not the problem, in fact it might be that they have too much will, making them tough on themselves and too hard hearted.

Centaurs are asteroids whose unstable orbits extend into the realm of the outer planets. Due to the complex gravitational forces of their orbits, they tend to show very chaotic motion. They display features of planets, asteroids and comets, and hence earn their association with the mythological hybrids they are named after [5]. It is one of only two non-planetary objects in the solar system known to have 'rings'.